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This website ( is designed & run to provide general information like: how and where to obtain PAN Card application forms, how to go ahead and fill the pan application, what kind of information should go into the PAN Card application, where to apply for a pan card in India. We also declare that "Nri Pan Card" does not exist; and the phrase "Nri Pan Card" used on this website refers to a normal Pan Card used for tax purposes.

* We get documents attested in many cases; provided we have all the right documents from the client/applicant. Please be advised that that there could be still some restrictions.

* We do not offer refunds once the client receives the forms and instructions from our company, however the final judgment/decision regarding the refund processing remains with our company.

* The applicant/anybody who wishes to apply through our help needs to send his/her documents with the pan application to our office as noted above.

* The PAN department sends the pan card to the applicant or communication address via Speed post/canada Post and it may take between 40-50 calendar days to receive it.

* Communication address is used in the application to note the representative handling the application.

The holder of this website will not be responsible for any action taken on the basis of this work or any other work related to this website, whether directly or indirectly for any error or omission, to any person, whether a browser/surfer of this web site or not. This is in no way a government or government affiliated website, nor are we a government operated body. We are simply private agents helping nonresident Indians, person of India origin & overseas citizens of India or any other party to get a PAN Card from India for monetary benefits. Our role is to provide PAN related information to Indians living around the world and any other party and later guide & assist them in ways: like where they can download the PAN application forms online and how they can fill up the PAN application, and later help them to apply for a PAN Card. We also assist clients to get name correction or change their address to update their current pan status. Our liability is only restricted to removal of such objectionable portions from our website. No further claims will be entertained.